5 Facts About Customhouse Brokers

a customhouse broker in front of a map of the worldAre you an importer in El Paso weighing the benefits of using customhouse brokers to clear your goods?  The benefits of using customhouse brokers in the importation process are sometimes lost on many importers. RM Customhouse Brokers Inc., an El Paso-based customs broker has answered a few questions on who customhouse brokers are and what they can do for your business.

A Customhouse Brokers Role

In short, a customhouse broker obtains documentation for a shipment or contract, reviews the filled details for completeness and compliance with customs regulations, prepares and submits a declaration to the customs authorities at the port of entry. So, by handling this process, a customhouse broker will allow you to focus on your business and your goods.

Customhouse Brokers are Current

The core business of a customhouse broker is clearing goods through customs. Because of this, a customhouse broker will always be up to date with various regulations and tariffs. This mean your goods pass through faster than any other courier service.

Customhouse Brokers Serve Online Businesses

Regardless of the business, any delivery of goods over $2,500 must be declared and bonded. This means that if an online business is handling goods over that value, they will have to deal with customs authorities hence their need for a customhouse broker.

Customhouse Brokers Have Legal Power shipping containers stacked up with a truck

A customhouse broker is legally your representative in the handling of legal goods. So, as such you must give the customhouse broker the power of attorney. This means he can legally act on your behalf.

A Customhouse Brokers Rate

A customhouse broker will base their fees on the value of the shipment, volume, the time spent on the paperwork and its complexity. Other payments agreements are monthly retainers and flat rates

Here at RM Customhouse Brokers Inc., we will make your imports flow smoothly saving you time and money. When moving goods across the border at entry points such as El Paso, it is better to look for their services.