7 Things to Look For When Choosing a Customs Broker

A graphic image that reads “CUSTOMS” in blue next to a truck being loaded up with boxes.

It can be difficult to transfer freight and cargo from one country to another. Each country has dozens of federal laws and regulations regarding importing and exporting goods, and it’s tough to keep track of everything. As a result, many importers and exporters are turning to customs brokers to ensure their goods clear customs. 

However, there are things you should consider when hiring a customs broker. Instead, you should look for someone who has the right qualities, experience, and skills to ensure your goods get to where they need to go. 

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A Wealth of Experience

As with all industries, experience is extremely important when it comes to hiring a customs broker. Experienced brokers are less likely to run into unexpected obstacles and problems because they’ve likely seen everything before and know what to expect. It’s well worth the money to pay a little extra for a customs broker with years of experience rather than hiring someone with very little. 

Excellent Communication

Even if everything goes perfectly according to plan, communication between customs brokers and clients is still vital. Therefore, you should steer clear of a customs broker that doesn’t communicate well and keep their clients up to date. 

A Broker Who Fits Your Needs 

Most people don’t realize that there are many different facets when it comes to customs brokerage. It’s important to hire a customs broker that fits your needs and has experience in your specific industries. You should also ensure that your customs broker specializes in customs compliance and offers the specific services you require. 

Someone Who Understands Your Industry 

In addition to hiring a customs broker that understands your needs, you should also hire someone who understands your industry. This is important because there are different rules that apply to each industry. On top of that, rules are constantly changing, and the last thing you want is to hire someone who can’t stay up to date. 

Location, Location, Location 

As with the real estate industry, customs brokerage is all about location. It’s vital to hire a broker who works and deals with the ports and areas where you operate. You should also ensure that they’re available around the clock, as importing and exporting is a 24/7 operation. 

At RM Customhouse Brokers, Inc., we’re always available when you need us. And, because we’re located in El Paso and have the capabilities to clear shipments nationally, we understand the nuances of importing and exporting goods in and out of each port in the U.S. Contact us to schedule a consultation or to enlist our services. 

Ensure They Have a Good Reputation 

While experience and expertise are important, the essential thing to look for when hiring a customs broker is a sterling reputation. This means hiring someone with good communication skills, experienced personnel, and the ability to get your goods to their destination on time. It also means finding someone who has a good relationship with the authorities in charge of customs control. Otherwise, clearing customs will be a nightmare and sometimes impossible. 

Licensing and Certification 

Finally, it’s important to hire a customs broker with all the necessary licensing and certification to do the job. This will ensure they understand the requirements and regulations of the industry and are capable of handling your imports and exports. 

At RM Customhouse Brokers Inc., we’re fully licensed and certified to handle all your customs needs. We specialize in a variety of areas, including customs bonds, clearance, and transactions, and we even have a warehouse to store your goods while they wait to clear customs. Contact us online or call (915) 564-0582 to learn more or to schedule a consultation today!