A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Public Warehousing Provider

A public warehouse in El Paso.

If you are in the importing, exporting, or distribution industries, you need a massive warehouse where you can store your goods. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the warehousing they need, which can lead to supply chain issues, shipping problems, and a world of other calamities. To avoid these holdups and ensure you have a safe and secure place to store your products, consider using RM Customhouse Brokers, Inc. for your El Paso public warehousing.

Public warehousing is available to anyone and everyone who needs extra storage or distribution space. To learn more about how public warehousing can benefit you, contact RM Customhouse online or call (915) 564-0582 today.

Location, Location, Location 

As with the real estate industry, choosing your public warehouse is all about location. You want the facility to be situated so that you can quickly and easily transport your goods to it. At the same time, you also want to choose a location that serves as a major hub to wherever you plan to ship your goods. 

The Type of Warehouse You Need 

There are several different types of public warehousing in El Paso that offer different types of storage options. For instance, depending on what you’re storing, you may require refrigerated or climate-controlled storage options. Because not all warehouses offer these things, it’s important to do your research and find one that does. 

Cost Versus Commitment

Despite being called “public” warehouses, these storage facilities are privately owned and operated businesses. As such, the owners of these establishments can determine their own terms, conditions, and prices for their tenants. While you need somewhere safe and secure to store your goods, you don’t want to do it at a public warehouse that’s too expensive or requires a longer-term commitment than you’re comfortable making. 

Additional Services 

Most public warehousing providers are just that – a public warehouse where you can store your goods. Other public warehousing providers, however, offer additional services, such as importing and exporting, and help with customs clearance and issues. You can kill several birds with one stone when you use this type of warehouse. 


Finally, there’s no point in storing your goods at a public warehouse if they aren’t safe and secure. Therefore, you should request a walk-through of the warehouse and the security protocol and services before committing to an El Paso public warehousing provider. 

Public Warehousing in El Paso, TX 

If you’re looking for one of the best public warehousing providers in the Southwest, RM Customhouse Brokers, Inc. is here to help. While we’re based in southwest Texas, we offer nationwide services and import and export to anywhere in the world. We have plenty of space if you want the potential to grow your operation, and we can assist you with a wide range of customs services, including clearance, issues, transactions, and more! Call (915) 564-0582 today.