A Trusted Customs Broker Agency in El Paso


If you are interested in importing crafts from Mexico to sell in your El Paso business, you need to find a customs broker agency in El Paso who can help you with the import process from this side of the border. When bringing items across the border from Mexico, you must comply with all import requirements. Although the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) simplified the import of items from Mexico, there are still rules and regulations to be followed before your items are able to come across the border.

There are also limitations on what materials and items can be brought over, and some imported items will require testing and certification for safety. A failure to follow all guidelines and protocols when arranging the import of your items and when dealing with customs can lead to costly delays or even to your items being turned away or seized instead of being allowed across the border.

RM Customhouse is a top customs broker agency in El Paso; we provide comprehensive assistance to businesses within the United States who wish to sell items that are made in Mexico.  We know all of the requirements for bringing items in the US and we can interface with customs on your behalf so you will have a stress-free experience as you move your imported crafts across the border. We also understand all costs associated with importing items, so our customs broker agency in El Paso can help you to determine your pricing structure that will allow you to make a profit.

Do not trust just any customs broker agency in El Paso if you are getting your imported crafts business started. Call RM Customhouse today.

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