Avoid Customs Issues in El Paso with Our Help


When you have customs issues in El Paso, the problems you experience may be detrimental to the success of your import or export business. Customs issues can result in the delay of your shipment entering or exiting the United States. Your shipment could be refused entry or confiscated in a worst case scenario.  You could also end up owing significantly larger fees and costs. All of these things can cost you money, undermine your business reputation, and have far-reaching impacts on the success of your organization.

You should not have customs issues when you work with an experienced customs broker. Your customs broker should know the rules inside and out, and should be able to take care of everything for you so your shipment can move swiftly and easily into or out of the United States.  If this has not been your experience in the past, it is a smart choice to begin looking for a new customs broker in the area.

When you trust RM Customhouse to be your customs broker, you should not have any further customs issues. Rudolph Miles Customhouse Brokers has been the leading customs broker agency in El Paso since 2001.  We bring more than 60 years of experience to the table when we provide assistance to clients.  Our distinguished reputation has been well-earned as our customs brokerage is 100 percent focused on being dependable and maintaining compliance with U.S. customs laws and regulations.  RM Customhouse is C-TPAT and AES Certified and our customs specialists will make sure we provide guidance and assistance every step of the way to avoid customs issues.

To learn more about RM Customhouse and about how we can help your business avoid custom issues in El Paso, give us a call today.

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