Capable, Secure & Reliable Warehousing Services in El Paso


Warehousing services in El Paso are about more than a place for your company to keep its inventory. A company that specializes in providing third party warehousing service can provide important assistance with logistics and can help you to ensure your supply chain is effective and efficient.

Keep Costs Down
Today, many companies use just in time inventories to keep costs down.  Whether your company embraces this approach or not, you need a seamless approach to managing your inventory and moving your shipments around. In an increasingly global marketplace, you need to move goods and raw materials quickly and efficiently, throughout the United States and even internationally. A company specializing in warehousing services in El Paso is going to be able to assist you with everything you need to manage your inventory effectively. RM Customhouse is the ideal company to provide your large business with warehousing services in El Paso.

On-Site Inventory Management
RM Customhouse has a 57,000 square foot public warehouse that is equipped for both long term storage and short-term storage, including the on-site storage of chemicals and hazardous materials. We will not only store your company’s inventory at an affordable price, but we can also handle all types of in-bond and domestic freight. For many of our large business clients, we take care of packing and distribution, as well as container stuffing and shipping. We have a trailer yard to move your shipments on trucks efficiently and we have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your shipments arrive safely and on-time.

To learn more about warehousing services in El Paso and for advice on how RM Customhouse can help your business to manage inventory efficiently and cost-effectively, give RM Customhouse a call today.
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