Common Customs Issues and How to Avoid Them

worker stacking boxes while another checks off things on a clipboard to avoid customs issuesIf you’re getting ready to import or export goods, you should be aware of some common customs issues that many people face on the daily basis. If you’re in the El Paso area, RM Customhouse Brokers can help.

Extra Costs Can Put A Damper on Your Exports

There are many extra costs that can crop up due to issues. One of the most common cost is demurrage. This occurs when a shipping container is held for much longer than the agreed amount of time. Since destination ports tend to have a standard free time limit, they may begin to charge. The reason for delays can be linked to lengthy examinations, overweight containers, damaged containers, delayed release, or other issues relating to customs clearance.

Another fee can crop up when the rental equipment is used to far longer than originally intended. If unloading takes too long, another fee can be incurred. The longer it takes to unload the containers, trucks may become held up for some time. This fee may be charged on an hourly basis.

Document Issues Can Lead to A Lot of Stress

Not only do issues manifest in fees, they can also manifest in document issues. Say your original documents go missing for some reason, the freight release process will then become affected and extra charges may come about. Basically, anything that causes a delay can result in fees because the entire facility will suffer setbacks.

Another way documents can cause customs issues is if the goods themselves face problems when trying to get cleared through customs. The worst case scenario would be that the goods get rejected or entry is refused to them. This will occur is if proper documentation cannot be provided for the cargo itself. Since every location has its own specific requirements, you should team up with a professional customs brokerage team to make sure your goods get where they need to be safely and securely.

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