Customs Bonds: From Here to the Rest of the World

Worldwide shipping concept: row of cardboard boxes around blue Earth globe isolated on white backgroundWhen it comes to customs and international trade, customs bonds are a necessity. Customs surety bonds are contracts that guarantee a specific obligation will be fulfilled between the customs agency and the importer. Customs bonds serve the important purpose of ensuring that payment of the import duties, taxes, and other fees owed are paid in full to the respective federal governments. If you’re in need of customs bonds assistance, RM Customhouse Brokers can help.

How Customs Bonds Work

Customs bonds are required in many instances. Say you’re importing goods into the United States. If these goods are for commercial purposes and they are valued over $2,500, then you are required to post a bond. The best and easiest way to get a customs bond is through a surety licensed by the United States Treasury Department. This way, you can be completely confident in knowing that your goods are safe and cared for.

Before you can go ahead with the shipment of your goods, you need to complete the application. All your information and information about your business are required. Location, description, and value of the imports will also be necessary. Above all else, you’ll require granting power of attorney to the surety so they can file on your behalf. This is necessary for your goods to be able to travel where they need to be. Once all that is squared away, you’ll be able to pay the fees necessary for the goods to go on safe travels. This amount is based on the merchandise’s value plus all the appropriate taxes and fees. Now that you’ve signed the right documents and paid the right fees, you can rest easy. The customhouse brokers will take it from there.

Enter the World Stage

Trade has connected cultures and countries for many, many years. If you’re ready to enter the world market and see just how far your merchandise can go, don’t hesitate! The world is waiting for you to take the leap. Especially, with the reliability of customs surety bonds, you’ll be able to make sure your goods will have a safe voyage towards their final destination. If you’re in the El Paso area, you’re well aware of the important role trade between countries plays. This is exactly why RM Customhouse Brokers opened its doors: to help our neighbors achieve worldwide success with importing and exporting. So, if you’re ready to achieve this, contact us today!