El Paso Customs Brokers

What’s Involved with Customs Clearance?

When your business needs help with the crossover of goods from one national border to the next, it is important that a customs broker in El Paso assists in guiding the legal process especially since there can be unnecessary delays when procedures are not followed accurately. A customs broker is a convenient way to seamlessly transfer goods across the border since there are so many aspects involved in the process.

A vital part of this process involves the ability to gain proper customs clearance. First, it is important to understand that each country will have certain legislations setting out the exact requirements. However, in essence the process involves your customs broker in El Paso preparing documents and/or electronic submissions, the calculation (and usually the payment) on behalf of the customer of taxes, duties and excise taxes, and facilitating communication between the importer/exporter and governmental authorities.

The clearing agents or customs brokers will often prepare and submit documentation to notify or obtain the clearance from other government agencies. It is important that clearing agents are familiar with the Tariff Schedule, which is a listing of duty rates for imported items, and the regulations governing imports.

These are the basic procedures you can expect as a normal part of the process for customs clearance. Time is of the essence when your business needs to receive and transfer goods across international boundary lines. That’s why an experienced customs broker can effectively move the process along quickly and accurately so not to disrupt with your business’s productivity.

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