Selecting a Customs Broker in El Paso

When you’re selecting a customs broker in El Paso what qualifications are you looking for?  Obviously, you want someone with an intimate knowledge of all things customs related, including NAFTA regulations, HTS codes, import and export restrictions, and the best freight companies to worldwide.  What if that expert in the customs field also was able to assist you in warehousing in El Paso, providing the kind of inventory infrastructure that your business needs to succeed?  It’s no secret that inventory management is one of the hardest challenges any business faces. Fortunately, Rudolph Miles Customhouse provides both levels of services to businesses that are looking for warehousing solutions in El Paso while also needing customs assistance for import and export.

These veteran customs brokers in El Paso handle all manners of customs clearance, meaning that your shipments will be given the meticulous scrutiny to insure that all of the proper documentation and organizational protocol has been followed to the letter.  Don’t let your cargo get stuck due to improperly filed paperwork; those kinds of delays can be extremely costly and promote customer dissatisfaction.  You’ve done the work of securing the order and have put your name and reputation on the line.  Rest assured knowing that RM Custhomhouse is overseeing the safe delivery and proper processing of your goods.

Customs headaches are one of the most painful of all business dilemmas, especially if you are doing business overseas and have to deal with different timezones; even different languages.  That’s why the seasoned customs experts at Rudolph Miles Customhouse are so valuable – they’re able to negotiate those holds on your behalf and release your goods to your customer expeditiously.  Additionally, RM Customhouse is adept at all manner of inventory management at their El Paso based warehouse.  From cutting edge technology to secure personnel, RM Customhouse is the perfect solution if you need customs or warehousing in El Paso.