Customs Inspections: What Do They Really Entail and How to Prepare

customs inspections
customs inspections

Whether this is your first, third or you’ve already lost count, preparing for a customs inspection is always key. The process is structured in a way that ensures any item going in or out of the United States meet the regulations of our country as well as that of the importer/exporter. Customs offices are looking to see if your freight is in violation of any trademarks or illegal transportation. Being familiar with all of the laws and regulations can be difficult, not to mention time-consuming, and so it is always best to partner with a customs broker who is certified and trained to handle customs inspections of different capacities.

If you’re curious what goes into a customs inspection, we’re here to help break it down.

Understanding the Customs Inspections Process

As we’ve mentioned, preparation is key. Well in advance you’ll want to prepare your inventory in a way that makes it simple and easy to manage. This includes sorting it and gathering any contracts, payment documentation, and transportation documents that the customs office will request.

During a customs inspection, your goods will be unpacked and repacked. The customs officer is looking to ensure that your package is in full compliance, otherwise, it will be held back. Once the inspection is complete, the customs office will create a customs declaration.

Depending on how smooth or bumpy the process went depends a lot on the issues or violations that were discovered. For example, if you were attempting to send off an illegal item or you failed to comply with the receiving country’s laws.    

A Couple of Helpful Tips

  • Know the receiving country’s exchange rate.
  • Prepare documents well in advance and keep them organized.
  • Organize your goods and make sure they are legal.
  • And most importantly, put your trust in an experienced customs brokers.

Let RM Customhouse Brokers Handle Your Next Customs Inspection

You don’t have to stress about the many varying customs laws and procedures. RM Customhouse Brokers is El Paso has been providing reliable customs services to the El Paso community since 2001. The laws and regulations are consistently changing but we stay abreast of any new developments so you don’t have to! For your next customs inspection, contact our team and we’ll ensure you the smoothest process possible.