Customs Transactions and How They Work

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At RM Customhouse, we understand custom transactions because it is our business to know all the ins and outs of the customs and transportation industry. We are here to help explain a bit more on how everything works.

What You Need To Know About Customs Transactions

When you bring in any type of merchandise into the United States it is always subject to being examined by customs officers to ensure that it abides by all laws and regulations then it goes through a process of appraisal.

In the appraisal of your goods, you must report how much was the total amount you paid for your transaction. Then judging from that amount, it will be determined how much of that price will be deducted into a duty. After your merchandise is appraised you must be charged for what is known as “transaction value”. This is when the customs officials decide how much it cost for them to bring it through inspection and so forth.

Why Our Service Stands Out

At RM Customhouse Brokers, Inc., we understand all these regulations and taxations may seem a bit confusing at first but we are here to help you and with the help of our certified and experienced customs brokers. We can streamline this entire process to make running your business easier.

Since we started our business we have been growing into the finest customs brokers in El Paso and we proud of it, we have the necessary experience and expertise in customs to give you the reliability you need when dealing with customs transactions. Contact us today!