Customs Warehouses VS Public Warehousing

inside a customs warehouseIf you are in the import/export business or looking to become a part of it, then you need to be aware that there are several different types of warehouses that are available for you to store your goods. The two main types of warehouses are public and customs warehouses. The one you choose depends on your storage needs. RM Customhouse Brokers has the information you need to make this choice. 

What are Customs Warehouses?

Customs warehouses are storage facilities where items can be stored without anyone having to pay duties on them until they are released for sale. At that point, an import tax will need to be paid. These facilities tend to be relied upon most often when the shipper cannot get a good price for them items or cannot to sell them at all. Another reason why companies rely on customs warehouses is that they allow importers to pay duties from the sale of the items. When a storage facility is not used, they have to pay them upfront. This can be expensive. Many of these places also provide processing and other shipping services along with the dedicated storage facility. Moreover, they also often come equipped with an in-house labor force that is able to complete many different aspects of inventory management, order fulfillment, and transportation as an outsourced operation.

How are Public Warehouses Different?

On the other hand, a public warehouse is a storage facility allows for flexible short or long term solutions to any size storage need. It also takes away the need for storage infrastructure at your place of business, as well as the security and staff that go along with it. Public warehousing is an excellent option for those businesses that need to store inventory and want the flexibility to expand, contract or completely shut down with little to no notice. However, unlike a customs warehouse, these facilities do not handle the import or export processes. They simply supply storage requirements as needed. Therefore, if you choose to use a public warehouse, you will need to know how to deal with customs officials or find additional help elsewhere. You will also have to outsource your shipping needs to another business, as well, since many of these places do not handle shipping, either.

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