Ensuring Smooth and Efficient Customs Transactions in El Paso


Customs transactions in El Paso can quickly be derailed if your company does not understand all rules and requirements associated with importing or exporting of goods and raw materials.  You must have a customs bond in place for most customs transactions and you must ensure you comply with all requirements of Customs and Border Patrol.

Avoid Problems with Customs
Refusal of your shipment at port, or having customs hold your shipment until problems are resolved, can cause chaos for your supply chain management. Distributors may not receive products on time or your factories and warehouses may not get the materials or products necessary to continue operations. The excess costs can be astronomical for your company and can quickly destroy your profit margin. You do not want to take a chance on any issues developing with customs transactions in El Paso.

Be Smart- Get Help
Smart companies do not take risks when it comes to getting items through customs- they trust an experienced customs broker to handle all of their customs transactions in El Paso for them.  If your company is looking for a partner to provide assistance with all aspects of getting items into or out of the United States, you have found that partner in RM Customhouse.

RM Customhouse offers decades of experience and comprehensive support with every aspect of customs transactions in El Paso. We know the rules and requirements inside and out and we can provide assistance with compliance at every stage of the import and export process. From helping you to secure a customs bond (or making arrangements for you to use your broker’s bond) to dealing with Customs and Border Patrol, we can handle it all.

To learn more about how RM Customhouse can provide assistance with customs transactions in El Paso, give us a call today.

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