What to Expect from Customs Warehouses

panoramic view inside a warehouse filled with rows of plastic and cardboard containers

When your business is based on importing goods into the U.S., you may need the use of customs warehouses to store your goods while you wait to see how much you will have to pay in taxes. These customs warehouses can be used by public warehouses or privatized ones that may be able to construct your own yet may run very costly, if you don’t export often.


Looking for a reliable and ready to use customs warehouse in El Paso isn’t very difficult. Here at RM Customhouse we can provide your company with a clean, safe, and reliable warehouse whenever you need it. The use of customs warehouses will allow your goods to remain untaxed and protected until you are ready to process them completely through customs.


We here at RM Customhouse have long been the leading provider of customs warehouses in El Paso and we make sure to keep our prices competitive for our clients. We also have the years of experience that many do not have in the industry. We will keep your products safe, and damage free, and we will also always be here with answers to any questions or concerns you may have about any procedures involving U.S. Customs or the import/export of your goods. Contact us today!