How a Customs Brokerage is Ideal in Handling Flammable and Hazardous Items

 Green chemical container that has label with warning flame.

Whether you are placing an order for gas cans, diesel, or lube oil, the safety of how this order reaches you is important to consider. People may not ponder much on how items are imported and exported, but that is where customs brokers come into the mix. There is an entire process of filing and verification that needs to be done. You can never be too safe about receiving and opening packages carefully. Customs brokers are much more important than one could fathom, so let’s go over the reasons why a customs brokerage is necessary in handling flammable and hazardous liquids and items. 


  • Warning Labels 

Just because others may know the harmful contents of substance, does not mean that everyone else does. Customs brokers are trained to label chemical containers with the identity of contents. Associated hazard warnings are also necessary to place on containers.


  • Bonding Containers

When bottles and containers have harmful chemicals within them, they have to be packaged in a meticulous form. Static charge can be created when chemicals are being heavily transported, which could ignite the liquid. In order to avoid static charge, liquid dispensers and containers are bonded together.


  • Preparation for Travel

Once containers are bonded together, one has to be aware of the possibility of spills and items coming loose. Brokers provide extra containers to prevent breakage and contain spills in case a bottle is dropped or meets a surface.


RM Customhouse Brokers: High-Quality Packaging and Handling

It can be quite the fright to open up a package full of dangerous fumes and liquids, but it doesn’t have to be. Contact us today to learn about how we specialize in detailed-packaging and transferring.