Navigating Customs Issues

Truck going through customs. As the demand for international trade increases and the rules concerning landscape compliance evolve to to meet these growing demands, global supply chains are facing several unique challenges. Navigating the world of customs compliance can be complicated and confusing, and participants in the international market consistently overlook significant compliance details that result in delays, extra storage costs, and fines.

There are several customs issues that importers and exporters come up against during the transportation process. For importers, these issues stand between them and the products they invested in. At Rudolf Miles Customhouse Brokers, we recognize that avoiding customs issues – and smoothing them out when they pop up – is imperative for the bottom line. Here are a few ways we assist our customers with the transportation of goods across international borders.

Broker Services

Between customs clearance, customs bonds, quotas, and audits, a top-level custom brokerage organization should offer service that demonstrates both quality and quantity. Customs brokers should also assist with reconciliation with preferential origin treatments such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).


In order to take advantage of duty relief opportunities associated with NAFTA treatments, importers must have the proper documentation and stay in compliance with the rules of origin. Customs issues are notoriously complex, but international trade companies do not need to figure the process out alone! With the help of a customs broker, importers will have the tools they need to simplify and expedite the trade process through duty relief. Customs brokers can also provide consultations concerning tariff classifications and drawbacks.  

Warehouse Storage

At Rudolf Miles Customhouse Brokers, specifically, we offer short term and long term storage in our 90,000 sq. ft. public warehouse. Our services include packing and distribution, and we work with both in-bond and domestic freight warehouses. We also provide our warehouse clients with chemical storage on our site.

 Support through Customs Issues

Ultimately, the most valuable thing that a trustworthy and dependable customs brokerage service provides to clients is support. When issues pop up and things don’t go according to plan, it’s reassuring for importers and exporters to know that they’re in good hands. Managing problems is our specialty, and we are committed to smoothing out the customs clearance process as much as possible. Let us help navigate customs issues so that your business can continue to thrive in the ever-evolving compliance landscape.