Partner Up with Experienced Brokers in El Paso

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When your company is in the import or export business, it is a smart choice to partner with one customs broker from among the brokers in El Paso.  When you work with one company for all of your interactions with Customs and Border Patrol (CPB), you can easily streamline your supply chain management.  You will always know that the broker you have chosen is looking out for your business interests and working to swiftly and cost-effectively move your shipment in and out of the United States. When doing research among brokers in El Paso to form a long-term relationship with one broker, there are many different things to look for in order to ensure you are making the right choice.

You want to ensure, for example, that the broker you choose has a very long history of successfully helping companies in the import and export business. RM Customhouse has been a leading broker in the El Paso area since 2001 and we have more than 60 years of proven experience in the field. RM Customhouse has become one of the most respected brokers in El Paso over the time we have been operating.   You will benefit from our experience and our commitment to providing high quality service.

When selecting brokers in El Paso, you also want to ensure that your broker is both C-TPAT and AES Certified.  These certifications mean that the broker has passed the strict standards for certification and has proven that security is one of its top aims.

Finally, when selecting brokers in El Paso, you should look for a commitment to customer service and to compliance with all U.S. customs laws and regulations. Your broker should always be ready to answer questions and to guide you through the process of moving your goods.  Call RM Customhouse today to learn more.

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