The Rules of Importing and Exporting

words that describe the importing and exporting business shaped like the earth's continents superimposed over a walkway with many silhouettes of people walking fastIt’s important to know the rules of importing and exporting to ensure customs clearance. It’s important to make sure that you’re up to par with the rules. If you’re looking to trade goods, it’s vital that you keep these things in mind. For those in El Paso, RM Customhouse Brokers are here to help.


Many people fail to verify that the goods they wish to import and export are acceptable for travel. Unless you hire a professional, it’s the responsibility of the importing and exporting party to make sure the goods are properly packaged and equipped for travel. This can make the party’s experience complicated. If transporting something that is considered perishable or for example, something that first needs to be disassembled before shipping overseas.

Trade barriers

Make sure that you do your research. You may not even know it but there could be some rejection laws in place that won’t allow for the importing and exporting of certain goods and hinder customs clearance. The United States is actually quite import friendly. Regardless, it’s important to also know that the US is more strict than other countries when it comes to safety and quality controls.

Customs broker

There are complications when importing and exporting. With big orders or specialty items, it’s smart to hire a customs broker who can work on your behalf towards customs clearance. A customs broker works on the logistics of importing and exporting goods. This includes deals with processing, paperwork, and making sure that you stay out of any legal issues.

Your Importing and Exporting Needs Will Be Taken Care Ofsmall globe with boxes next to it

When in doubt importing or exporting goods to or from El Paso, it’s best to consult with a broker agency. It’s far better to be safe than to be sorry and find yourself in a mess later on. We would be happy to help you with your customs needs. Contact RM Customhouse Brokers today.