The Role of Customs Brokers in Simplifying the Import-Export Process

Two people shaking hands in front of cargo in El Paso.

If you’re in the business of importing or exporting goods in and out of the United States, you already know how complex this can be. There are more restrictions and rules surrounding importing and exporting than ever before, and keeping up with all the changes is difficult. On top of that, you’re often too busy worrying about other aspects of your business to focus on the import-export process or deal with customs issues. 

Customs brokers are licensed and experienced professionals who understand the nuances of the import-export industry and can assist with customs issues. If you are looking for a trusted customs brokerage firm,  look no further than RM Customhouse Brokers, Inc. Contact us online or call (915) 564-0582 to learn more about our services.

What is the Role of a Customs Broker in the Import-Export Process? 

Customs brokers are like the sports or real estate agents of the importing and exporting world. They make the importing and exporting process much easier and faster and take care of all the little details that you don’t have time for. As with sports or real estate, it’s possible to sell your own house or for an athlete to represent themself in contract negotiations. 

However, going this route raises the chances of making a mistake with paperwork or making a poor decision. It also results in more work and hassle than what most people like to deal with. Therefore, a vast majority of homeowners and athletes work with agents that represent their interests and work on their behalf. 

This is the same role that a customs broker has in the import-export process. They work on your behalf to ensure that your goods always clear customs and that you’re doing things legally to avoid customs issues. Here are a few of the responsibilities and roles of a customs broker in the import-export process. 


  • Dealing with customs issues 
  • Handling customs transactions 
  • Ensuring your goods clear U.S. Customs 
  • Oversee customs valuation 
  • Duty drawback assistance 
  • Finding you a customs warehouse when necessary
  • Pay for duties, taxes, and other fees associated with importing and exporting 
  • Take care of all the paperwork and legal documentation related to customs 
  • Work with U.S. Customs and Border Protection to ensure your goods get to where they need to go 


A customs broker is, essentially, your power of attorney for all the things you’re importing and exporting. They’re trained to act on your behalf and to make decisions that are beneficial to you and help you avoid customs issues

Reasons to Work with a Customs Broker for Importing and Exporting 

As you can see, a customs broker wears many hats and performs numerous duties. It takes years of training and working experience to expertly perform all the tasks of a customs broker. As such, here are some of the top reasons that millions of businessmen and women let customs brokers handle the import-export process. 


  • They’ll help you understand the customs clearance process to avoid customs issues
  • They’ll help you, the importer, with any importing or exporting issues
  • They’ll keep you up to date about new rules and regulations 
  • Goods tend to clear customs quicker when the process is handled by a customs broker 
  • You’ll save money due to fewer delays and lost shipments 
  • They’ll keep meticulous records of your shipments


For these reasons and many more, customs brokers are in high demand in El Paso. 

Who to Contact

Contact us at RM Customshouse Brokers, Inc. for the best customs broker in the Southwest. We always ensure a smooth and fast import-export process and will take care of any customs issues that should arise. Contact us online or call (915) 564-0582 today.