The Top Customs Broker in El Paso


If you are trying to import a large amounts of goods into the United States, then you need to ensure you have a good customs broker in El Paso.  Your business needs to be able to ensure that the items you are importing will clear customs without delays or problems so that your normal company operations are not interrupted and your customers are not disappointed. It is the job of a customs broker in El Paso to help facilitate the importation of goods so that your supply chain works smoothly and your company brand is protected.

RM Customhouse is a top customs broker in El Paso that has been providing assistance with the importation of goods into the United States for decades. With more than 60 years of experience, we can provide help with any type of import or export process.  When you need an experienced customs broker in El Paso, you can count on RM Customhouse to be there to provide the services that you are looking for.

RM Customhouse is a full-service national customers broker so we can provide assistance with everything you need when importing items into the United States.  We have a strong reputation with past clients and we focus on both employee training and custom service to ensure that we are responsive throughout the process of helping you import the items that your business needs.

RM Customhouse is National C-TPAT certified. We are also AES Certified Customs specialists.  When looking for a customs broker in El Paso, certification ensures that you are getting a company that has gone the extra distance. To learn more and to contact a customs broker in El Paso who can help with your import of goods, contact us today.

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