Tips for a Smooth Customs Clearance: Making the Process Simple 

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The international trade industry is rather complex and that’s because it has to be. Each country has its own set of laws when it comes to shipping and handling, so it’s important that the sender has everything in check that way shipments and deliveries are not ultimately denied. If you happen to find yourself importing or exporting goods, it would be wise to become familiar with how processing happens and what it requires. Even when working with a reliable customs broker, you will want to make sure you are doing everything you can on your end to get your goods to their anticipated destination. We provide you with some tips to make sure that’s exactly what happens. 

Choose Your Commercial Terms Wisely 

There are different types of imported deliveries that outline who is responsible for receiving the goods through customs. Incoterms define the point at which a shipment goes from the sender to a receiver. This is meant to specify who pays for what shipping costs. Another term is DAP, which stands for delivery in place. Sellers usually opt for DAP because the seller is responsible and pays for the shipment of goods at their own expense. 

Completely Seal all Your Freight 

If your packages are not completely sealed, you might be contacted by customs because this is a defect in your packaging. They have to make sure that no one interfered with packaging and that there is nothing in the packaging that may have caused this to happen. Before shipping any packages, you must make sure they are completely sealed and will not open during the process. 

Make Sure Invoices are Accurate 

In your invoice, you list what exactly is being shipped and this is also where you give details of the goods. With writing descriptions, you want to avoid providing the bare minimum. The more details you give, the easier it will be for your packages to go through and to be successfully processed. You can also provide this paperwork digitally. 

Be Familiar with Regulations 

Some countries do not allow certain items to cross their borders. Learning the shipping laws of other countries can save your company plenty of time and money because this is ultimately what is wasted when a package cannot go into another country. Do your research about the ports or countries that your package will be going through before you decide to ship internationally. 

Have all Paperwork Available 

Paperwork should never be placed inside packaging because this is what people need to know what is in the packaging and to clear it. All shipping documents, including invoices and receipts, should be attached to the outside of the box. They can be taped or stapled. Again, it’s important to understand that customs workers will not be opening the packaging, they will solely rely on the invoice to clear the package. 

Know The Required Documentation for Certain Products 

Besides the invoice, the waybill, and/or receipts there might be other documents that will be needed to pass packages. This always depends on the goods. For perishable or animal products, you might need extra certification to ensure the safety of the shipping of these products. You can check the government website of the country you are exporting to that way you will know what kind of documentation you will need. 

Provide Health Certificates if Food is Being Shipped 

Packaging that has food will require a health certificate. The health certificate ensures that these goods do not need to be confiscated by customs out of a need to be cautious. Also, before you attempt to get a health certificate, you should check if these foods or goods will even be allowed that way you do not go through an entire process that will lead nowhere. 

Keep Copies and Your Own Records 

You can keep either hard copies or digital copies of your customs documents. It is always safe to scan them and upload them as you ship your goods that way you can easily keep track of where they are at. Should customs need copies of these documents, you will be able to provide them with ease. 

Work with a Trusted Customs Clearance Company 

Whether you are sending or receiving, we guarantee these tips will help you with getting your goods to where they need to be. You can trust that RM Customhouse Brokers is the best place for your goods to go through. Contact us today to learn more.