Tips To Prepare You for Importing Goods From China

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China’s economy has seen tremendous growth, some of which the US has helped contributed, which has made the costs of manufacturing low compared to other parts of the world. We’ve all seen our fair share of “Made in China” products, which for some isn’t something they are especially fond of, but the reality is that China has provided the opportunity to have products, part of products, and other goods sourced through a growing manufacturing industry.

If you’re considering having items imported from China, there’s a couple of things you’ll want to do in order to be in the best position possible and to avoid errors that come with a high price. The goal is to save money after all, right?

Common issues you may have heard and what to do about them

Today, manufacturing in China is extremely common for US businesses. While it may seem like an easy task considering the commonality, it can be series of trial and error, if not handled properly and with caution.

Here are the three common issues when it comes to importing items from China:

  • Poor quality. Whether you were told by someone who knows someone who was told by someone else that the goods they ordered from China were of terrible quality, it can make you second think sourcing your manufacturing from there. This is a common problem for those who don’t spend enough time doing research on the manufacturer. We don’t want to put down those who have had a horrible experience because we know how expensive those mistakes can be. We simply want to alarm you that there are companies who send out poor quality work. But there are also those that provide dependable work.      


  • False advertisement. Manufacturers in China offer some of the lowest, if not the lowest, prices around. Similar to checking for quality, you’ll want to explore if these prices are accurate and what exactly you’re paying for. Before placing an order from a supplier, make sure you have the details in writing. It’s also a good idea to have someone who has done business in China take a look at it. This will help ensure that the manufacturer is legitimate and trustworthy.      


  • Different business practices. When dealing with imported good from China, it’s critical that you have a solid understanding of how business is conducted there. You don’t have to spend an extensive amount of time familiarizing yourself with their practices but you should know the basics.


  • Items were denied at customs. Meeting the regulations of customs is absolutely critical. It can be extremely difficult to follow government regulations as they change regularly. Your best option is to work with a customs broker. A legitimate customs brokers will have all of the certifications required and expertise necessary to make sure your shipping arrangements are well prepared.  

Always be in the best position possible

When you partner with an experienced customs broker, you can be confident knowing that your items will arrive on time, without error, and according to government regulations. RM Customhouse Brokers has been helping El Paso businesses with customs clearance services since 2001. No matter where you’re importing or exporting to, we’ll ensure you’re in compliance with customs regulations. Contact us today to learn more.