Warehousing Services That are Flexible and Secure


Warehousing services can be a great solution if you are importing items into the United States and will not immediately be taking those items to the distributor.  Using a third party warehouse provider makes it much easier for you to be effective at managing inventory without wasting money.  


RM Customhouse offers warehousing services in El Paso to importers of all sizes. Whether you are bringing in a small amount of goods just once or whether you plan to run a thriving import business in regularly bring in large quantities of items, we can provide the warehousing services that you need. One of the biggest benefits associated with using a third party warehouser is the flexibility- you do not have to pay for more space than is required for the particular items that you need to store. RM Customhouse can always accommodate you.


RM Customhouse does more than just offer warehousing services in El Paso. As an experienced customs broker, we can also help you to make sure that your imported items are able to move across the border without any undue hassle or unexpected delays. When you work with us as your customs broker as well as your warehousing service provider, you will have one trusted business that is able to handle everything for you. RM Customhouse can take care of your supply chain management from the time that your items are scheduled to arrive in the US until the items are ready to be sent to the distributors or resellers. Well deal with Customs and Border Patrol, get the items moved across the border to the warehouse, and provide assistance with transport to their destination.


To learn more about our warehousing services in El Paso as well as more about the other services RM Customhouse provides, contact us today.