Why Do I Need a Broker to Clear Customs?

A customs broker and delivery person shaking hands in front of imported goods in El Paso.

Importing goods into the United States from Mexico and other countries is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, the necessity for a qualified and capable customs broker in El Paso is growing astronomically. Various governments are making more rules and restrictions as well as imposing trade sanctions to cut down on illegally imported goods, which makes customs clearance difficult, even for legally imported goods. 

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Are Customs Brokers Legally Required? 

While there are many advantages to hiring a customs broker, their services are typically not required by law. You can import and export your goods if you take care of the necessary paperwork and go through the proper channels. However, if you’re importing goods under the regulation of a government agency, you will need a customs broker

Handling your imports and exports is a lot like doing your taxes. While it can be done without an expert, the process takes much longer, and there’s more chance you’ll make a mistake. Customs brokers, like accountants, know the laws and requirements in their field and will guide you and answer your questions to ensure that your goods are imported and exported legally and on time. 

Advantages of Hiring a Customs Broker

Whether you legally require a customs broker for customs clearance or not, there are many advantages to hiring one. 


The biggest reason that people hire customs brokers is because of convenience. As we said, it’s like hiring an accountant to do your taxes. You can rest assured that your goods will clear customs and arrive or depart on schedule. After all, you’re busy running other parts of your business and don’t have time for the particulars of customs. 


Hiring a customs broker can help to ensure that your paperwork will be filled out correctly, protecting you from fines and allegations. Even an honest mistake on your paperwork, such as mislabeling a shipment, can lead to thousands of dollars in fines. Additionally, an error will put you on the government’s radar, and they’ll start paying extra attention to your business. 


The world of importing and exporting is constantly changing. The United States implements new rules, regulations, and requirements seemingly every day. Staying up to date on these rules and regulations is extremely difficult unless you’re a customs broker, and that’s part of the job description. 

You Can Connect with New Markets 

Having a customs broker with experience working in multiple industries and locations is like free networking. They will have insight into new markets and potential customers that might benefit you. Additionally, because different countries have different importing and exporting rules, an experienced customs broker will know how to navigate these differences. 

A Long Term Investment

The main reason people choose not to hire customs brokers is the cost. While a customs broker might cost some money upfront, it’s an investment for your future. Brokers could save you tens of thousands of dollars in fines and holdups. 

Who to Call for All Your U.S. Customs Broker Needs

Whether you’re new to the business or tired of handling customs clearance with your imports and exports, RM Customhouse Brokers, Inc. is here to help. With over 60 years of industry experience and having imported and exported goods into and out of El Paso from numerous countries, we’re the customs brokers for you. Contact us or call (915) 564-0582 to make an appointment and learn how we can make your life easier.