Why Do I Need a Broker to Clear Customs?

A customs broker and delivery person shaking hands in front of imported goods in El Paso.

Importing goods into the United States from Mexico and other countries is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, the necessity for a qualified and capable customs broker in El Paso is growing astronomically. Various governments are making more rules and restrictions as well as imposing trade sanctions to cut down on illegally imported goods, which […]

The Intricate World of Global Supply Chains and How Global Events Shape Them

If you’re reading this in the middle of March 2020, you’ve likely heard of the illness known as Coronavirus, or Covid-19. As of the writing of this article (March, 6, 2020) the real danger of the illness in the United States is not entirely known. While there have been some reported cases in the country, […]

The Interlacing Networks of International Markets & the Role of Custom Brokers

The concept of trade is inherent in human nature. If you observe small toddlers, they will often engage in the behavior of trading one toy for another. Perhaps we intuitively understand that things have value and that their value can be traded for something else that we want or need. The history of international trade […]

How A Customs Broker Agency Helps a Borderland Business

Living on the border comes with its own special rules and needs. Having business on the border is no different from that. Whether you are a small shop owner or a corporate chain, trading is always happening. This trade is usually between product producer and product seller. At times it can be from small production […]

Why You Might Need Help From A Customs Broker Agency

Have you started a business in the El Paso area that involves importing goods? If so, chances are you will need to get in contact with a customs broker. A customs broker agency will ensure your importing, exporting, and trading are handled correctly. Here at RM Customhouse Brokers in El Paso, Texas, we have 60 years of experience in […]

3 Common Problems A Customs Broker Agency Deals With

Problems happen to businesses.  It is the unfortunate part of the whole process.  The customs brokerage agency business is no exception.  Within the industry there are a variety of problems of various degrees that might hinder your customs broker agency experience.   Three of the most common problems that customs broker agencies face are delays, damage, […]

The Benefits Of Hiring A Customs Broker Agency

When it comes to the import and export business there are countless of procedures, laws and regulations to be followed.  Keeping this in mind, you can never be too careful when it comes to meeting compliance for all these rules.  Do not make your work any harder than it has to be. Decide to hire […]

At What Point do You Need a Broker Agency?

  Importing and exporting goods from another country can be a tricky process, especially here in El Paso when we’re right next door to another nation. How do you determine what needs to go through a customs broker agency and what doesn’t? The truth is that there’s no one rule, but here are a few […]

How Can a Customs Broker Agency Help You?

Importing your products from outside the country is a good step for your business, but involves many  regulations to follow, papers to sign, and endless phone calls to make sure you are doing everything legally. Eliminate all of these stressful factors from ruining your business and hire a customs broker agency in El Paso. RM […]