7 Things to Look For When Choosing a Customs Broker

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It can be difficult to transfer freight and cargo from one country to another. Each country has dozens of federal laws and regulations regarding importing and exporting goods, and it’s tough to keep track of everything. As a result, many importers and exporters are turning to customs brokers to ensure their goods clear customs.  However, […]

The Interlacing Networks of International Markets & the Role of Custom Brokers

The concept of trade is inherent in human nature. If you observe small toddlers, they will often engage in the behavior of trading one toy for another. Perhaps we intuitively understand that things have value and that their value can be traded for something else that we want or need. The history of international trade […]

Customs Brokerage 101: What You Need to Know

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At RM Customhouse Brokers we provide specialized service with the highest level of compliance with the U.S. Customs laws and regulations. Simply put, we handle all of the heavy lifting! From customs bonds to customs transactions and customs warehouse services, you can count on us to provide reliable customs services for your business or personal […]

A Customhouse Broker for All Your International Trade Needs

Outsourcing your import and export functions to a customhouse broker only makes sense. Relying on an expert for such an important part of your business is the best way to go. Not only is this an excellent way to save money, but a broker will more than likely provide more reliable service than you might […]

5 Facts About Customhouse Brokers

Are you an importer in El Paso weighing the benefits of using customhouse brokers to clear your goods?  The benefits of using customhouse brokers in the importation process are sometimes lost on many importers. RM Customhouse Brokers Inc., an El Paso-based customs broker has answered a few questions on who customhouse brokers are and what […]

Customhouse Broker in El Paso for Your Business

A customhouse broker in El Paso can help ensure your exporting business is not adversely affected by customs delays or unexpected costs and fees. When you make your living by exporting goods and materials, you need to ensure you comply with all customs requirements. This will allow things to move seamlessly. Don’t let unexpected expenses, long delays, […]

Avoid Transportation Complications with a Customhouse Broker

Business expansion can include crossing international boundary lines and developing greater global partnerships that requires the help of a customhouse broker in El Paso. One of the challenges that comes with business expansion is the importing and exporting involved with U.S. Customs agencies. Any error on the paperwork or mislabeling of information can result in […]

How Will a Customs Broker Help My Business?

  If you are bringing in a one-time shipment from Mexico for your business, it is important that you have appropriate help from a customs broker in El Paso. Companies that do not import and export goods regularly do not generally know the rules associated with bringing items into the United States.  You do not […]

Customs Transactions and How They Work

At RM Customhouse, we understand custom transactions because it is our business to know all the ins and outs of the customs and transportation industry. We are here to help explain a bit more on how everything works. What You Need To Know About Customs Transactions When you bring in any type of merchandise into […]