The Role of Customs Brokers in Simplifying the Import-Export Process

Two people shaking hands in front of cargo in El Paso.

If you’re in the business of importing or exporting goods in and out of the United States, you already know how complex this can be. There are more restrictions and rules surrounding importing and exporting than ever before, and keeping up with all the changes is difficult. On top of that, you’re often too busy […]

7 Things to Look For When Choosing a Customs Broker

A graphic image that reads “CUSTOMS” in blue next to a truck being loaded up with boxes.

It can be difficult to transfer freight and cargo from one country to another. Each country has dozens of federal laws and regulations regarding importing and exporting goods, and it’s tough to keep track of everything. As a result, many importers and exporters are turning to customs brokers to ensure their goods clear customs.  However, […]

Custom Brokers and The Import and Export History with Mexico

checking container boxes in shipment yard on the border of Mexico

We have a unique relationship with our southern neighbor. Our border totals 1,954 miles and traverses different terrain, including deserts, urban areas, cities, and more. The two countries also share a lot of business and workers that travel back and forth across borders. Our exports to Mexico have changed over the course of the last […]

A Closer Look at Common Trade Laws and Regulations

So much of international trading hinges on the idea of mutual benefit and the expansion of markets and industries. The truth is that everything has a value  and this is, in fact, a major concept for U.S Customs. It’s an important concept for importers and exporters, as well, who are paying duties and tariffs on […]

The Intricate World of Global Supply Chains and How Global Events Shape Them

If you’re reading this in the middle of March 2020, you’ve likely heard of the illness known as Coronavirus, or Covid-19. As of the writing of this article (March, 6, 2020) the real danger of the illness in the United States is not entirely known. While there have been some reported cases in the country, […]

The Interlacing Networks of International Markets & the Role of Custom Brokers

The concept of trade is inherent in human nature. If you observe small toddlers, they will often engage in the behavior of trading one toy for another. Perhaps we intuitively understand that things have value and that their value can be traded for something else that we want or need. The history of international trade […]

How a Customs Brokerage is Ideal in Handling Flammable and Hazardous Items

  Whether you are placing an order for gas cans, diesel, or lube oil, the safety of how this order reaches you is important to consider. People may not ponder much on how items are imported and exported, but that is where customs brokers come into the mix. There is an entire process of filing […]