Tips for a Smooth Customs Clearance: Making the Process Simple 

Industrial Container yard for Logistic Import Export business

The international trade industry is rather complex and that’s because it has to be. Each country has its own set of laws when it comes to shipping and handling, so it’s important that the sender has everything in check that way shipments and deliveries are not ultimately denied. If you happen to find yourself importing […]

The Key to Running and Export/Import Business — Customs Compliance

Working with customs laws and regulations requires attention to detail and constant monitoring of changes and modifications to current laws. As a business that takes on the responsibility of bringing in and exporting goods across borders, there is a responsibility of making sure you are in compliance with U.S customs law. Simply ensuring your compliance […]

How a Customs Brokerage is Ideal in Handling Flammable and Hazardous Items

  Whether you are placing an order for gas cans, diesel, or lube oil, the safety of how this order reaches you is important to consider. People may not ponder much on how items are imported and exported, but that is where customs brokers come into the mix. There is an entire process of filing […]

What Is Customs Clearance?

If you are into importing and exporting, you know that there are a lot of rules and regulations you must follow. There are many terms you must be up to date with and understand in order to run your business successfully. This can be a lot to remember when you are running all aspects of […]

Customs Clearance Is More Important Than You May Think

Working in trade and international trade with importing and exporting requires a lot of knowledge and attention to detail. The reason detail and attention are needed is because this all deals with customs and customs clearance. This type of clearance for getting things into the country is very particular and someone really needs to keep […]

The Role of a Customs Clearance Company

Organization that wish to deal with the importing and exporting of materials will need to work with a third party customs broker agency to obtain proper customs clearance. Here in El Paso, we are just a hop and a skip away from a whole other nation. It may seem that with such a close proximity […]

Customs Transactions and How They Work

At RM Customhouse, we understand custom transactions because it is our business to know all the ins and outs of the customs and transportation industry. We are here to help explain a bit more on how everything works. What You Need To Know About Customs Transactions When you bring in any type of merchandise into […]

Common Customs Issues and How We Can Help

Getting products from point A to point B without any customs issues in El Paso can be a reality when you have the right professional support. At RM Customhouse Brokers Inc., we like to do what it takes to keep our clients business running smooth and that means looking after the most common customs issues […]

Understanding Customs Clearance in El Paso

Customs clearance in El Paso is the term used to define the moment when your merchandise is allowed to cross into the United States or into any other country. For many business owners, that need to get customs clearance for their merchandise is typically a very tedious process that any business hopes to get through […]

What Do I Need to Know About Customs Clearance in El Paso?

Customs clearance in El Paso can be complicated. If you have opened a new business and you want to bring items into the United States for the first time, you need to know the rules and the process for importing items. Since the rules and requirements can vary significantly depending upon exactly what you are […]